Sunday, March 13, 2011

John's Fault....

It is all John's fault...

I am sure of this.  It is most definitely, undoubtedly, absolutely John Travolta's fault.  I can say with the utmost confidence.  Now let's begin this, I love John Travolta..he is hot and the older he gets, well....enough said there..

However 3 days ago while he was on TV in some random program,  not sure what because he was my background noise dance art while I read a good book.  Something very bad happened, something that is beyond understanding and I can hardly breathe a word of.

Mr. C had just finished saying goodnight and tucking in our sweet bean, and was making his way to bed for the night.  "She all set?", "Yep, are YOU watching this?"  No, I answer.  With that he snatches up the remote. 

Oh the remote, one would have to think it was some "man made" power tool.  The way "they" ( the men in the house) have, to have control over it during all TV time.  I am fairly certain since the invention of the remote, is when programming meet its demise.  Corporate TV people have struggled ever since.  Trying hard to get our attention in a click of a button.  We rarely watch one program from start to finish without jumping channels a dozen times during that show.  The only time during the year we even see a commercial is during the Superbowl.  On a side note I love how channels are now in cynic and most times every channel has their commercials all at the same time. 

I can't help but wonder if we had less reality TV and more I Love Lucy, Gilligan's Island, and Little House on the Prairie, we would stick around on the channel longer.  Something that truly took us away from 'reality' and the unpleasantness of "real TV".  We spend most of our time either at the Discovery Channel or History Channel, mostly due to the content of sitcoms and family appropriate programming in my household.  Let's face it ever since we changed ratings for movies TV has gone down hill, too.  PG-13 is simply the new R half the time. (I can say it if I want this is my stop  and no one really reads this anyway. )  

So anyway off track, it's John Travolta's fault....with that dreadful night and the click of a was more sitcoms of Charlie Sheen, no more reality TV of loggers and alligator hunters (uck!, they should be nice to one another, just saying)  NO MORE (not that with those we're missing anything)NO MORE..........anything, unless you wanted to snuggle up and listen to the program.  Frankly we tried this and it doesn't cut it.  This TV of less than 3 years gone, toast, junk, big black box of ugly metal art on my wall.  Sonofa #$^*!!!!  No lie....No flippin' way?  Whatever happened to things lasting until you wanted new. We have tried everything, including banging it on the wall a number of times....HARD!!!Stinking thing.

You know, a few years ago my parents got a new refrigerator, with that came the desire to have a stove to match.  I  am all with that, same thing going on in this house.  She simply wanted them to match, but the problem with that is her avocado green was still perfectly fine.  THE ONE SHE GOT 30 frickin' years ago!!!Needless to say she did get her stainless flat top stove. (Yay Mom)  But, you can bet out there somewhere, right now a gal is perfectly happy with her "retro" avocado green stove.

Not me I have a newborn flat TV that I am not only going to have replace, but that I am going have to pay to stinking to recycle. 

This is simply all John's fault....Had he been dancing in one of my favorite movies rather walking around with a gun in hand we would have stayed there.  We wouldn't have clicked to the next better viewing moment.  Or maybe if Mr C. hadn't found the remote and automatically changed the channel without looking first, we'd still be here with a "new" TV that actually produces a picture.  I my camera fund wouldn't have to keep retitling itself...sadly it will soon be a doctor fund anyway so what's the difference.  Any way you look at it Sony is still probably going get my monies, it'll just come in a different shape and size.  It definitely won't fit in that cute bag and strap I have waiting for it.  It won't get to go everywhere with me, it'll have to just hang there and hope it doesn't die in less than three years....or John's sure to hear about this..... 

WE have a black picture and a number of vertical color lines at random on the screen.  At least the volume still works right?  What are you kidding me, my piece of junk will have to hang there until the cows come home.  That will be how long it going to take to replace this job.  I am sure, I jinxed myself talking about this sweet camera I have been saving for.  I 'll never see that little number any time soon unless you take a picture with a big 39" flat screen TV..ugh  I am not meant have a DSLR 16.2 mega pixel Sony camera....I am meant to let life get in the way again. 

To John I say thanks alot, be more careful what movie you let them replay, make it a good one.  Help conserve our resources and don't let another TV die under these conditions.  Mama wants a new camera!!!

If any of you know me I have been raised to find good in this...sooo, this is for my Mom....I am  so very grateful that John wasn't on a few weeks ago when I was on bed rest...cause having the TV blow then would have just plain sucked!!

 We will now Resume regular programming.....(Maybe if I am lucky it'll come in avocado green) No Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner here....ugh!!!