Wednesday, March 30, 2011

adhesive vs toilet paper...

Adhesive is just like toilet paper.....Face it!  It is true..
  • You need it..
  • You have no choice..
  • Quality does matter..
  • We always use to much..
  • It is not fun to buy..
  • Your always running out..
  • It's always on the list..
  • You need coupons..
  • It is not fun to buy..
  • You toss it in the cart without love..
  • It gets no respect..
  • Cheap isn't better..
  • Bigger isn't always better..
  • You can't see it when your done..
  • We love to complain about the cost..
  • Yet we don't like to share..
  • It is always in a sticky situation..
  • It is not fun to buy..
  • We are always comparing..
  • We have yet to find the perfect one..
  • We debate the way it rolls..
  • We try to decorate it, like that makes it better..
  • We hoard it..
  • We often wish we could take more time..
  • It is not fun to buy..
  • It is to expensive..
  • We'd drive miles to get it..
  • You have no choice, you need it..
  • It never unrolls the way you want it..
  • We don't like to use other peoples..
  • We often use to much at a time..
  • We hide the supply it not get displayed with love..
  • Our men don't get the brand differences..
  • When it is empty it is a pain in the @$$..
It is not fun to buy..  It doesn't matter how cute we get it, it is still a thing that binds us.
We need it and sadly John Wayne hasn't made an adhesive yet..To make our hubbies happy..

I need adhesive can you tell....I am starting to twitch...Just like when the tp gets lows..~L.

(Oscar is in the back thinking Mom's nuts!)