Monday, March 7, 2011


"A true sign"...this sweet layout took only minutes to toss together. The background is a lovely, rich, deep charcoal. I love how it off sets this sweet pastel girlie layout. I have dugout the Zing and the heat gun to emboss accents for the delightful layers. I need to remember that felt MELTS...ooooops....

I love the dimensions of the layout and only wish that the camera could show you the 3D of this.

The journaling reads: "Your eyes are a true sign of God's love to me...God's gift to me"

So what makes a good gift? Is the size, the price, the quantity, or is it the thought...They say it's the thought that counts. Although I do truly agree the thought matters most, I have to say to me it's a wonderful gift one that is least expected. The surprises, the little ones, the simple ones, the ones filled with delightful moments to last a lifetime.

I have been given so many gifts in the last few weeks, to say "Thank you" doesn't seem enough. Good friends and strangers have offered support, gifts and prayers. I have to say that my family truly believe the unexpected support is what brought us to the other side of this surgery. I feel the Mr.C and Belle couldn't have do it without the help. The sentiments from people I haven't heard from for moons or ever were so very appreciated and sweet. The little things are what have mattered most.

So what I have to offer is "Thank you", and may God bless each of you for taking care of my family for me. One of God's greatest gifts. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, I had a couple of days, during this time, that I am certain I survived only on prayer. The prayer of many. This week I have follow up testing to see how things are improving and I am praying for all good news.

It is time to welcome spring in good health and lots of planting bits of goodness to add to this earth and that will take bending and stretching both of which, I have yet to do well.

Old man winter needs to say goodbye and give us a break. Unless, he plans to drop green grass he ought to be done. I say, "See ya, good bye winter, don't let the sunshine hit you on the way out...~L