Monday, August 17, 2009

this girl.....

Sometimes there's a.....ahhhhhhhhhhaaaa..........moment when I design a page. this was it.
What started out as it'll never work....I'm sure it needs more....soon became, so little is so much...
I love this little layout, it just makes me happy.
The background is shiny and creamy. The title work is brown and pink. Then a dab of masking tape and a bit of stitching and whallllaaaahhh... The photo is about 2x3.
This is our last big weekend of things going on before school. Belle is running on empty, she has picked up some one's cold went right for her eyes. By late last night we knew what it was.. Just got back from urgent care and I am amazed she has pink eye. Or has her Daddy calls it stink eye. Which isn't making her happy. Tonite is her dance finale and needless to say-" I am not going to miss this!!!" I can't say that I blame her that have been working on this all summer 3 days a week.
The meds are in and we are not to touch anything or anyone. Ughhh..I itch just thinking about it, my poor baby. I can't remember if she has ever had Stink eye. What a weird time of year.
Well needless, to say we spent the weekend home for the most part. I got so many goodies done I just can't wait to share all of them. It is like having a big box of candy and I am only able to share a piece a day...I can't wait to share.
One thing about creating things I love, is to have the feeling each time I finish I love it better than the last. Does that make sense?
We have beautiful weather these days and I am sure to head out to enjoy it. Be sure to soak up some sun today and get inspired to create.