Monday, August 31, 2009

blooms of days gone by....

I still can't believe she was ever this little. My girlie has always been her very own fashion statement. Even then she loved, I mean LOVED, to wear her socks on her hands. Her favorites were the ones with ruffles at the top. Go figure.

I am still working to overcome my white card stock inabilities. Fear is more like it. I must admit I love my flower. It began as a water stain stamp in yellow, then I outlined it with black added a few petals and a center. Painted it with a wash of color. Then a little "candlewicking" for a few stitches and I have myself a flower. I love it... The journaling is simple: You are the flower, the bloom within my heart, and fills it with love and joy....

The days are winding down to the start of school for us. I am having a heavy heart. It is more than time for them to get back to school. They need it. Maybe I do too. I am not sure, one thing I am sure of this year, will sure be different. They say change is good. I think this time I'd just like things to stay the same, safe and sound. Without uncertainty or worry.

Well whatever comes of this season I hope that she blooms and grows with confidence. A strong sense of herself and her goals.