Saturday, December 11, 2010

who's got the button?

Button button, who's got the button??
I do this season. I have taken a few of my favorite buttons and came up with these lovelies...
I think I got a little carried away what started out as one or two became this assembly line of a dozen. Each one is unique, although at a glance they are similar. There are no two alike and very cool, never to be repeated..

I was hoping to create a great detail of dimension. That I did with lots of fill in between layers. It is amazing what a little "pop" can bring to your layouts.

I pulled out all the vintage goodies and went to town. With not single detail left untouched.

the little treasures are delightful 8x8 layouts, that will fit into the a shadowbox nicely.

It had a little help from Martha and my slice. They provided me with a ton of decoupage glue and the little tag shapes you might see here or there. Truly there wasn't a technique that I didn't throw out there.

The trees and stars are hand made. I just sat down and drew each one. Another delightful touch, is once finished I misted ever single one. This gives it a sparkly finish that really catches the eye..

It's just a little pop to say Merry Christmas...