Monday, December 13, 2010

the storm is here.....

So the storm is here, making sure that I am not Christmas shopping.. Well what do I say to that!
I say let it rain, snow and blow. It is blowing with all its force. I am grateful today for my family and the fun we have had being stranded in our home. I am grateful for our snacks and mostly I am grateful for the warmth of our shelter on this prairie.
I am grateful for my glue, adhesive, my paper, and my creativity....I am grateful for my studio because it is warm today and messy. That is a good thing!!!
I am grateful to the Spice girls and Just is blessed when you can be a part of your hubby and daughter dancing to the Spice girls. I hear him say "Who won, no way I was doing that!!, Let's go again I know I can do the jiggle."
Stay warm....

Be sure to check back this week I have lots of creative goodness to share. I am so excited to be finishing up with delightful Christmas treasures!!!