Monday, February 21, 2011

scrappin' goodness

This started with a dab of mist that lead to machine stitching, and painting the edges.
Well that only got carried away from there and each of the patterned papers are machine stitched together, seamed open and stitched to the card stock. The patterned papers are bits and pieces of things I should have tossed long ago. But I often can't help myself, some of those bits are perfect for just this, finishing touches of goodness....
Progress report: I am up and around slowly, my spine feels like a giant thing growing out of my body. I described it this morning to feel like the size of a giant couple of cans of vegetables in my back. I was thinking of the diameter of that can. I can feel where the bones of my spine are missing, that's icky!
It is simple the process is moving forward, and we are happy with that. Some days I am at a stand still, but everyday I am always grateful. I can feel the days will come that I will not only walk but I will dance with joy for this life. This years surgery is bigger than last years I guess but it is easier, maybe because I could plan for this one. Unless it is just because I am getting good at this!
In the end of this I am wanting it to be all better now, I have never been known for my patience.