Friday, February 11, 2011

my path....

I am sharing a favorite photo today....It is my path...well I guess it's not mine, belongs to the family and to the woods. But I claim it! This path has seen many years of farming, hunting, walking, flooding, snowmobiler's, outdoors men, and creatures. But for me this path is worth so much more than anything one could give or take.

Each year it is forever changing, adjusting to the climate and new growth. yet, it remains open and quietly waiting for you take it and embrace its destination. Which, usually will grant and Bald eagle or maybe a deer or two... But the one thing it saves for each visit, isn't something you can always see, hear, smell, or touch...

It is peace....when you reach the path in the woods, the world stops. It never gets in. This path holds all the secrets, the dreams and wishes for a good life...Today I want to thank this path, for also taking on my burdens.

While I was at the edge of a critical point in the hospital, and in extreme pain. A sweet nurse walked this path with me and talked me down this path and away from my pain. We listened, to the birds and the crackle of the sticks below our feet. We could smell the breeze and feel the peace. I was there and as the pain intensified this path engulfed me and pulled me away, it shut out the world.

I was gone. I was at peace. I was pain free. I was soft. I was unseen. I was happy.

When I woke, my life had rested, and was ready to try again. To survive..

Welcome to my heaven......... ~L