Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 4th of July....

Meet Angel.....
There's just something about her. That makes me feel................
This Eagle is located at the National Eagle Center, isn't she breath taking?
How lucky did these photos get? Yes, I really did take them. Luck would have it to get the stars and stripes in the background perfectly. I took them using my wonderful and vintage 35mm camera. No matter, how relic that camera may seem it takes the best photos for me.
I have had these photos for some time, I handle them often and have never been able to scrap them. I just can't seem to find the just right thing to match them. So rather, I simply admire them often. I think in alot of ways the photos are so grand in appearance, that they stand alone.
Angel reminds me of all this nation should stand for in her regal appearance. She reminds me of the ones who we love and who we have lost with pride and dignity for this place we call home.
May you celebrate this holiday wisely, with a joyous heart. May you eat, drink and be merry knowing that somewhere, someone isn't home for you and me.
May we celebrate their lives, freedoms and sacrifices.
Today I write with undying gratitude to each family that gives for my family. When I rise at our parade and I watch the fireworks know, I am grateful and proud of you and yours.
With respect and gratitude...-l