Wednesday, June 16, 2010

delicious red....

Welcome to my world of bowls...
One of my favorite things: bowls, mostly vintage stoneware.
But when a time came to me that I had to sit still with my feet up, I had to find something to keep me busy. Unfortunately the studio couldn't come to me. So I had to come with a little something.
Bowls. Bowls. Bowls.
Big bowls, little bowls, fat bowls, short bowls, knit bowls, crochet bowls. You name I've made it.
Aren't they just sweet...This series is one of my favorites. The brick red is delicious, and the buttons are actually pink.
A friend said, "Bowls?", "So like, what do you do with them. Can't really use 'em right?"
Well, I say yes you can! Simply for pretties, or a catchall in your home or studio. Why not just have something. Because it is beautiful. They make me smile.
Needless to say these red delicious bowls, fresh from the orchard will go up on my Esty store this week. Parting with them will be hard.
Note: The bowl with "Grow" is stitched in a yellow. Which is also Scrapper's Floss..which means it is a stiff thread and it looks fabulous. Had to use a little something from the Studio.
Thanks for stopping in orchard of delicious little bowls. Check back you never know what else might grow here.
Today I am grateful, to Mrs. Heldt, she was my Home Ec teacher. She taught me to knit and crochet, among other things. Each time I melt butter I think of her. Yes I admit that I am a Home Ec girl. That, I am sure ages me greatly, but I embrace it and only wish that Home Ec still held value in my school district.
She was wonderful and remembering her, I still smile and love her spirit. I wonder what she is creating today...