Wednesday, October 7, 2009

where have you been???

I have been no where lately...just taking a is a time of year that I have found myself with not alot to say.

Ever get that way??????
I think that maybe I'll share a favorite
cup of love with you....
I love my Starbucks and sadly they
have all but moved away from me...
My sweet man use to travel on the week days and once in awhile on Fridays he'd bring a cup of love to my door. This was the last one I have gotten since they left us.
I wonder how they have done that. They didn't even ask how we feel about this. They walked away, closed up shop, dripped their last drip.
Needless to say it gives me a wonderful excuse to travel into the city to find a little cup of love. People say well you still have the little one in the grocery store. I say fine for a fix but not for love. The smell isn't there, the atmosphere, the flavor of Starbucks in gone. Gone, I tell you...vanished....
In case you might be curious the stamp is from Studio Calico done with paint...and the manila color that you see is in fact masking tape punched with a EK Success punch.
I do, have lots of new work to share and I'll be looking forward to doing that in the next few days. Then it is off on a new project..shhhhh top secret.....
I attended a SUPER fun crop weekend with two of my dear friends and a plenty of crazy women. I got 47 pages nearly done!!!! I know it rocks....I just opened the box of "DONE" today and I was so surprised at how cute they were. I can't wait to share.
Check back I'm sure you'll find one that will make you smile..