Monday, October 12, 2009

& Mr C bakes too.......

Mr C. bakes, that's right he is right handy in the kitchen. Well for the most part, it is kinda a BIG production when he cooks. Who knows...he thinks to bake something this time of year.
Sunday it was pumpkin pie and lemon meringue. Aren't those peaks pretty. Only thing is neither one of us like the topping but you know what's a lemon meringue without the meringue.
Just not natural....

Funny thing for the most part Mr. C. really doesn't even love pie, so he must have been ill. One great thing about baking with him is this..."We need this and we need that"...."What we don't have one of those thingys?" We have to get one...or "Man we could use a NEW one of those"
After too many years I think we need to have ourselves a "Stayed Married Shower" and replenish all that has wore out!!! Sooooo I am going to go shopping this afternoon and I'll share my new favorite choices...heheheheeeeee( He thought we were just making pie)
Get where I am going with with the man rocks cause I get new stuff. Nothing is better than new utensils and kitchen stuff. He likes to pick out the good stuff and it's cute stuff.

Needless to say, Mr C. and I, had lots of fun and nothing even burned. Score!!!!

We are a cookie kind of house...I love to bake good thing about that is I don't eat them. Especially if they have chocolate chips in them. Mr C. loves cookies...any cookies.....lots of is the one thing I can make that will bring him to his knees....with honor and praise for the cookie that is..

Mr C. is a rockin' cookie monster..

I say bake away Mr C. bake away....maybe I'll get a new kitchen (hint..hint)