Monday, July 27, 2009

what a weekend....

Always leave it to Belle....I am not kidding, when I say that we a have a ton of photos of this very look. I don't know what it is...just that funny bone always coming out oh so very quietly.

'Tis the season for family reunions....we attended one this weekend which was filled with people that really seemed to enjoy themselves. These people were also ones we didn't know. Long story...Reunions are funny whether they are for work, family, or class. I have to wonder who thought of them? Couldn't have been Hallmark or there would be a big section for them at the Gold Crown store, heck there would even be ornaments, say nothing about fancy wrap and party ware to mark the moment. I am a big believer that most of our major Holidays were created by Mr. Hallmark. I have this one, on true authority I worked for a wonderful Hallmark for the years of college. Loved!!Loved!! that job....

Back to reunions....what were they get together on typically the stickiest day of the year, then you have to dress nice, shave your legs, make food to pass, visit with people you don't know or see.
1. They need to be held on cool days only.
2. You should be allowed to wear your yard jammies.
3. Your legs shouldn't matter, say nothing about the hair.
4. Everything should be catered. Nothing has to be worse then the one dish no one touches.
I have to wonder if Betty realizes the no one eats her "thing" every reunion. We have too
many scary jellos with veg's in it and mystery dishes.
5. They should not be held more than once every ten years. Cause if some of them wanted to
see us, I'm pretty sure they'd drop by and same goes on my end.
6. No alcohol should ever be allowed.
7. Or darts. Ever.
8. Not every delicious looking sinful pan of bars has to include peanut butter.
9. No name tag is to be required. Note: no color coding necessary. "Oh your so and so's"
10. No cheek pinching or bottom pinching allowed.

So finally I have to add take a chair you will hold you up thru the entire reunion. Even with all the potato salad.
As for a class reunion they are not always a good thing......