Friday, July 17, 2009


Back to the old days of embroidering, when I was little my Grama stitched everything from towels to socks...I am pretty sure she even stitched the undies...I know she pressed them. She to this day loves to iron, what I call a lost art.
I can remember all of my Mom's sisters getting together on Sundays after church and making a big lunch and sewing whatever their current projects were. I am pretty I have learned how to stitch in any form. Did I ever think it would continue and carry thru my life, well no.
I have to say one of my favorite things to do is to sew on my projects. Thanks to all the ladies in the family to still keep the passion for the creative alive.
I only wish we would still get together for the Sunday dinner. That was so homemade, so filling, and so sinful we need to go back to church every week and give thanks. Or maybe ask for forgiveness for being so deliciously full... and all the real butter and creme we added to everything.