Thursday, June 4, 2009


Checking all love.........

Gotta love them, regardless right?

So this guy, my guy with all good intentions..
Tells me....I'm gonna take a few days off and get things done around the house.
Get things done? Huhhhhh?
"Okay sweetie"
I thought I'd put myself out there, I say "like what are you thinking about doing?"
Man.........oh Man............rather than tell me all things I might see accomplished.
He decides to state ALL the things he WILL NOT be helping me out with?

Well my sweet sweet man.........let's see what you do know.
He says he will be finishing some landscaping, yeah so---and he plans on working on trim work.
Trim? Trim? ..........(a very long pause from me, eye roll and with a huge sigh.....)Trim?

Well, let's be reasonable. Webster's defines trim as: cosmetic. decorative...I prefer when it is defining an attractive woman. So I say great you plan on doing a decorative work on me..hehehe
Well, we have been married long enough I am pretty sure he means wood working. In our case however trim could mean duct tape, caulk, or whatever sticks. Frankly we do not believe in trim. Nothing wrong with my man it's is just that you wait so long and work so hard to remodel a little something, once we get to trim we are either out of money, or out of patience. I look at it as our way of staying green.

I am pretty sure landscaping will include mowing the lawn and putting out the hammock with a beverage.
As far as trim...I say who needs it..I am not much for looking like the guy next door, I am all about being me on the outside of the box. I never cared to color in the lines, so for me trim is a new thought.

Alot can happen in a day. So if he is giving the house two days we just might get that trim work done. If not, it will be OK with me, it has been so far and besides if the neighbors don't like it they can do the trim work I say. I hope it is the neighbor across the street her house trim is beautiful.

So as I am checking all the love in our days....I never included anything that matters to me to include the word TRIMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
I guess I just can't imagine a world with trim I am curious is see what it looks like. I guess once you have trim you may never want to be without. Go figure!! I simply say I have a feeling trim is simply a line that defines.

I shall not have trim be what defines me. Tsk tsk to trim....

(Don't you snicker you are all with me on the trim thing I know it!!!especially if your man is a DIY-MAN)
trimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrimtrim I'm just getting use to hearing it....