Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cotton candy.........

Guess what we made for the weekend!!! You guessed it! Yay! Cotton Candy!!
Our little town has its yearly festival, parade and fun filled events. We often times with have family and friends over to enjoy the activities and grill. Of course it is all about the food and beverages. We have a little fire, some fireworks and alot of food. This year we grilled chicken and wings and offered up a variety of flavors.

Most importantly we rented a cotton candy machine and made ourselves up, 50 bags of candy.

We buy pink and blue....Blue is my favorite!!! and we make pink to give away I think!!
Love Love cotton candy........My honey was funny sweet and when I woke up one of the mornings he had clipped a few bags on a string. Just so it would taste better like at the carnival. Funny......I will have to say it does taste better when you grab a bag from a clip........

June has so far been the rainy month here and the humidity sets in soon, sadly that is exactly what goes our super giant hugely monstrous mosquito's.
Welcome Summer....I can't wait....

Let's talk parades..........what ever happened to the small town ones...ours is pretty good, don't get me wrong...we have our winning teams on a rack, our school band. We got the fire department and then it is a whole lot of advertisements. I get the business' wanting to promote, but then It would be great if they would do a little something creative. What ever happened to them being the sponsor behind that creative float.

I am considering a career change.....I know what your thinking now in this economy? I think it would be prefect timing why, because who would expect that of you. I am considering becoming a Parade Coordinator and Float Extraordinaire.
In other words I want to design floats for a living.........nobody else is doing it and I really feel with my background I'd have an edge in this job market..
We would have theme parades. Color of decor and hygiene requirements. I also would give breathalyzers to all of the drivers. Note to parade officials: parades DO NOT permit drinking and driving, ever if you are edging along.....

Finally I would officially place in to effect a candy requirement of all floats and each float would be assigned a special candy with more than enough to make through the entire parade candy.
Not everyone gets to be the one that throws Tootsie rolls....I know they are delicious, however...not everyone can be the goodie man. We need variety, after awhile the poor street is lined with Tootsie rolls forgotten and unwanted.
Then we have the emery board and pencil throwers. This weekend we got can coolers and even dog treats, now those are score. heheheheheeeeeeee

I miss the small town pom and circumstance. The parade that you would drive for miles just to see and be apart of. The parades filled with life, energy and pride for the people we call home.
Parade Planner wannabe......-L.
What do you miss and love about your hometown parades?