Thursday, January 13, 2011

retreat goodies....

SO we took so scrappy time away for me....and the girls...what a great weekend!!!
I got a few two pagers done...and aren't they delightful!!!! One of things that I love is a dark background!!It allows the artwork and the photos to jump out of the layout or the page.
One of the great things about packing for a weekend of scrapping, is that I am able to clean the studio. I love walking back in the studio everything is crisp and clean and in its place. Delightful!! A clean space that welcomes me back in and begs me to mess it up!!!

This little space my be a bit lonely for awhile. As the countdown is on for the big surgery.

The weekend away was perfect timing. I have a few more days of freedom left and on a girls weekend anything goes. I even took time to donate my hair. I have been working hard to growing it again and this was donation number 4 or 5 for me! It is so rewarding and I am happy to have it put to good use before I move forward.

We spent the weekend laughing, creating, crying and enjoying each others company. We catch up and just enjoy all the creativity that's's good when your scrapping with your peeps