Monday, May 3, 2010

so lets go to the fair

Yes, the fair....the science fair...This weekend the fair was held for our state or region or something for 3,4,5, &6th graders. OMGosh. There's mine all set up and ready to wow the judges, can you see her? I am just sure you can spot her right?

First of all I was reeling about the 7:30 am set up time and being there all day until 4 ( which, note turned into surprisingly 5:30ish) I of course am saying it with happiness and joy in my heart. Ok, well I have a serious case of bleacher butt and junk food high. Sadly nothing on a stick or even a hint of cotton candy...MAN!!!

I could not believe the number of children in this world that are my Belle's age. I don't know what I was thinking but there must be millions of them. Each of them on Saturday had a plan.
They are so creative and smart at this age, it is amazing. I must say I felt pretty dumb in a room full of smarties. It was fun to see all of the ideas and how they came to their conclusions.
I am pretty sure that I AM NOT SMARTER THAN A 3rd grader and definitley not than a 5th grader.

I mean did you know that you should be kissing the dog and no that doesn't mean your hubby. What ever you do stop drinking soda right now, especially MtDew, sorry lovers but a 3rd grader said so. I believe him those bones were gross...

So I am sure that you have been reading this and holding your breath! Because this proud mom has to announce that my sweet girl took 1st in microbiology(Of which I had to spell check, I know!!) We are biology cloud nine, being our first ever fair, it was great to watch her be successful.

So what did she research? I know your curious. "Grow Algae Grow". She studied the growth of algae in various water sources. Wanting to determine that algae can sustain life and grow rapidly in any type of water. Her goal was to prove that in our future we would be able to grow and use algae to replace oil and diesel. To run the cars and heat the homes, regardless of the environment. And to use as a vegetable source to feed people and animals.

Here's what I got our city filtered tap water, grew the most dense and fastest algae in the study. I have also stopped drinking water, at least from my town. :)

Needless to say I am thrilled to remove all the jars of gross life sustaining wonders from all of my windows and move on with life as we know it. But do remember, that if see an sweet little 5th grade girl who looks like she might want to safe the earth, give her a proud hand shake. She just might be the one.

Now, I have to go find something to drink, I am thirsty..

note: the photos are of two different areas in the college, there were soooooo many of the short wonders!
also check back tomorrow...I'll show what I've been up to...hardyharhar...not fair quality but cool..