Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am so excited to tell you, that I am done with my first ever tote. I never thought I'd see the day. It is so much to fun to finish. I love to felt. I love how this giant odd looking yarn variety of an object turns into something I can use and take in public!!

When I was done, this measured approximately 24 1/2" wide by 29 1/2" long. It was huge.
Once I felted this little goodie two times. It is now 13"x14". I love it's density and it just makes me smile.

It is created from 100% wool fibers, 5 skeins and the only thing I would have done differently is I would have doubled the yarn and used 10 skeins. This would have made it more sturdy and stiff. Next time. I chose the dark brown for the bottom to hid dirt. Because I plan to cart this one around often.

I love it. Pretty good for a girl who just taught herself this winter. I took it up after being put on a winter long bed rest. I really needed to keep the hands busy.

Tomorrow I'll share cotton crochet goodies...

Creativeness comes in all forms, what counts is that it makes "YOU" smile when your done.

Be creative....-L