Monday, April 5, 2010

a loss for us...

Today it is a beautiful chilly day here for us.
The sun is shining and the earth is awakening slowly to the
smells and color of spring....It is beautiful......

As the flowers bloom and rise to the heavens, they will grow
richly with color and they will dance in the sun.

My Grandma passed away this morning.

She was a pure heart, a peacemaker, a nurturer, a family center.
She is at peace...

She was waiting for Easter, for spring, for all of her children, for her time.
She felt all of this and then with all her strength and guidance,
she waited for each of us....
Days and weeks her home was filled with all of us not knowing
where to turn, what to say, or how to let go. She was still teaching
and guiding.

Finally at a moment of her peace, in her home, in her jammies, she
was alone and the family rested. She took her last breath with us and
reached for God. Even in her final moments she taught us to be proud
of who we are and can be. She reminded us to be proud of ourselves
even in dying. Although she was alone from us, she was surrounded
by her family who had gone before. She was never alone.

She was still just taking care of us.......
And she was gone.............

I believe she died this way on purpose. I believe she didn't want a
heartbreaking moment for anyone to be haunted by. Her last breath
was her own and she was free.

There are few people in ones life that are made of "all good". I am so
very proud to say to you she was one of my "all good".

We all know we are going to die, we just find it to hard to believe. If
I believed she would leave me I'd have told her every day I loved her.....

Rest my sweet Grama..........