Monday, April 5, 2010

a garden of 90

About 90 years ago God planted a tiny little seed on earth...

This small seed grew, and flourished survived many wars, the depression,
hunger, and loss all at a very young age.
Our seed also lived to see great joy, pride and love.

With what little she was given she grew into this beautiful woman who was
filled with convictions, courage, compassion, creativity, generosity and most of all
She was honest with herself, who she was and what she believed in.
During her years on earth she worked its soil and its surroundings to plant a garden of
her own. She held the her garden together with strength and love.

This beautiful seed was my Grama, her garden was this big family filled with all these
different seeds for this earth. Each is unique and strong in their own way. Many
of her children have grown to plant this earth with children of their own, to enjoy the ride.
Even after her children grew and moved on to families of their own, she continued
to plant to this earth. In her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren and in her flowers. What a beautiful place this is thanks to her.

We have so little time on this earth, it is important that we follow in her footsteps and
plant with compassion and understanding. It is our time to grow love and people, to mark this earth with honorable things. Although each of our gardens grow differently, some are small and some are large. She will be so very proud of what she has accomplished in her garden.

As she travels to heaven, God will be proud and he will thank her for the beautiful garden she planted for the past 90 years. The world will rejoice knowing the mark she left, is as beautiful as each flower she lovingly planted and waited patiently to grow.

During the warm months on earth Grama spent all her time in the yard. She was tending, mending, planting, guiding, nurturing, and holding far more patience than most could understand.

I asked her once "Grama how come you plant so much?" She looked at me and said simply with a smile in her eyes, "This gives me something to do, it's what I love to do--to plant."

As a little girl I didn't think much of it, except they're just flowers. But later in my life she came to my house for a visit. Asked in the Grama tone " Why haven't you planted your flowers yet? A home needs flowers, things to grow in it." She was right....days later I ran out and planted flowers in the front. At the time I thought I figured out her secrets....not even close...
It wasn't until a few years later after much delay, I planted a seed on this earth of my own.
My house was then a full home. The flowers out front, then has purpose to grow and flourish.

Although my garden will not grow with as many children "seeds" as Grama's has I know that my little piece on earth is thanks to her. I can now plant flowers too, while my seed on this earth grows. Flowers to my Grama are the little blessings of life. It doesn't matter how many flowers you plant on this earth what matters is the reverence we have for them.

My Grandmother was filled with a deep respect, love , and honor for this life. I find it only appropriate that we give her back to God in the growing month of April. She often said that April was a bad month for our family and in alot of ways I agree. That however is only because I am one of her seeds still left on this earth to feel the loss. I also think that if we took a step out of the garden on earth, we could "see" that April is a beautiful month for our family. The family that we have lost, the family that is blessed for heaven. I have decided to celebrate April and plant some flowers of my own at my home garden.

Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe. Grama's faith for this earth was beautiful and it could grow anything.

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Thank you Grama for teaching me to speak my mind....Regardless