Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the flowers are blooming

Spring is upon us.....

The birds are singing and filling my yard with sweet songs.

We are just days away from the ends of school and my afternoons will be soon full

of my little sweetie and a few others.

I can't believe that summer is almost here and the time moves so quickly, I can hardly breathe.
I am so glad to be the one she is coming home to, the one she chooses to do her hair, and hold her hand.
I love all the moments....even when she decides to be her own woman and we find it to hard to agree...

Yesterday we had to see the dentist for a routine 6 month visit. That visit turned into a tooth pulling event...I all I could do is hold her hand and cry with her. At the moment I wanted nothing more than to back up and change the appointment. To take her in my arms and hold her tight, because no matter how simple the task my have seemed it was one more. Another moment to step toward independence and being her own woman. The little marks toward change and before I know it there will be no more need for the tooth fairy to visit.
I love the tooth fairy she is a good woman......