Thursday, July 22, 2010

photo play

I love digital... I love how things don't have to be as they seem..
Oh the things you can do and the places you can go, with a little imagination..
Can you guess which one is original? If you said none of them you are right....

It's raining, it's pouring...I wish I was snoring...

Last night was my yoga night. I have this love, hate relationship with my mat. Me and Mat don't always roll the same direction. Someday he'll just roll and take it. Other days I am sure he is out to get me in some "mat" kinda way. Last night me and my "Mat" had a date. He was very good to me. It was hot, I love it hot. Some people find it to not be their favorite thing. I on the other hand would love it to be 100 degrees in there.

By the time class was to the end my arms felt like each weighed a million pounds. Yet, in the end of class I was alive, ready to face this world and move. You know you worked hard if when you arrive home you can't get out of the car. The next day your arms still feel heavy and your
body feels like you rode bulls. Then you have done good for your body. I think the only thing wrong with my class is that I don't have the class every single day.

That will be added to long lottery winning list. Class everyday!! If that ever happens I am thinking me and "mat" will be the bestest of friends....Maybe then my arms wouldn't feel like they can barely work these keys. If I type any slower it will be sure to be Friday before I am done. I could barely brush my teeth. Heck even my teeth are sore today.

Please don't let there be any laundry today. Today I feel just to good to do it! Feel alive today.