Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i love pictures....

I love to take photos..especially if they are creative ones. I took these with my tiny little old point and shoot. Then I couldn't wait to play with them in the photoshop program. Everything I have is a relic, but for now it all still works. I created a million versions of this little number. I love each and everyone of them. Then I got to thinking about them and developed every single one of them. I just can't wait to see them in hand. Who says that you have to, have the finished product original.

Your program may be like your old car. It isn't as sleek, fancy or fast as the rest. But, I think that if you get inside you'll be amazed at what that program and little old camera can do for you.
What I love about this is there are no rules...regardless of what others might say. Just here to have with it and maybe find a little something to scrap with.

So that's what I am playing with these days. I'll be the first to admit that I have gotten the book out once I got started. I dusted this book off which is totally foreign to me and I didn't even realize I had. It is in black and white, no color. A book written to talk to me about how to use color and various effects. They were to cheap to print it properly. Obviously a man thought, "That'll do." Dork!! I am more a trial and error person. I hate to follow directions.

I am so that way when it comes to a recipe. I have so often been asked for a recipe or two, I simply say I'll come up with something. Ugghhh....I think I get it from my Grama she would say, "Most times Honeygirl, recipes are for those who can't cook, they just don't want to admit it."
That seems a little tough but then you have to meet Grama. She cooked "farm", nothing fancy solid, thick, stick to the bones meals. Meals to feed an army, and they were the basics she learned from her mother, and so on.

"So, where you going with this?" You ask, I don't know but I scrap the same way. Without a recipe. I see paper, goodies and I just look over the edge and I jump. I don't scrap with a plan. I could never do the same thing twice. Good or bad, that's the way it is and I only wish I could live my life this way. Things would be so much easier.

Life without recipes. It would taste, look and smell different every time. So exciting.

One side note I am saving like crazy for a new program and camera....oh the places I'll go and the things I'll see then.......