Tuesday, July 13, 2010

let me walk away....

Let me walk away...away from every day life....away from expectations, time frame, needs, wants and responsibility.
Let me walk away and just be.....
I have decided that I aspire to becoming a dock boy. Only I'd have to mixed it up and be the dock girl. Nothing is better than when life lets you walk away. To have a chance to sit and think or not.

Can you guess where I have been?

Oh the places you can go close to home. This place grabbed my heart many years ago, and has just never let go...For this I am blessed.
We went on vacation. We like to call it holiday. Because for our family that is just it. Holiday.It is as important as any occasion you can throw at us. I think it might be even more. Except maybe Belle's birthday.
Our Holiday was wonderfully, restful and healing. It allows you to just be. We were unplugged, and disconnected from the real world. We were on our own. Every year, the time then arrives that you must return. Every year I cry and am terribly blue afterward.

I have decided that this is good. It was a wonderful time. I have decided this is bad. It tells me my life is ready for change. The change is coming just like the waters moving all around me the change is moving toward me too.
For now I shall gather this place up in my thoughts and heart and hold them close. Never letting go..
Do you have a special place in your heart? Let yourself go there, today and if it is in your thoughts, I'll bet I just got you to smile.