Wednesday, September 16, 2009

on the mend....

life has been crazy busy....

and yet not much has been going on...
Our sweet little Oscar Clement is on the mend. He has been so very sick since Thursday and we have been at a great lost on how to help him.
Our Vet ran a few tests and found him to have an intestinal infection. So once they hydrated him, filled him with antibiotics they sent him on his way. We have special medicated food and antibiotics for 6 days to give him. He already is getting back on his feet, slow but sure. It has taken alot out of him, he is just to small to get sick. I'll tell you though he doesn't like the meds period. How can such a little guy put up such a big fuss? It is a half of pill no less.
He has become a big part of our lives. It pains us to watch him go through this. May he, be well soon. It is funny how animals become so important to us. It seems these days they are more and more important and I think that is wonderful. It is funny how something is darn tiny can turn our days upside down.

Life moves so fast that in a blink of an eye a day, a week, a year, heck ten years has past. He has been with us a year give or take. In that year so much has happened to us. Lots good, some not so good, but more good. I can only hope that the next year is filled with all good. And that this week ends soon, its been a tough one.

So today I guess I am missing Jorge and grateful that Oscar is well.

Thank you for your thoughts..