Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the things...

the things I know for sure:

1. fall has arrived
2. fall is leaving it never seemed to have enough time for us.
3. the sky is a overcast beautiful shade of white.  I only wish I could paint chip it for the paint dude.
4. the house smells fabulous of apple crisp baking slow.  I know I don't like apple crisp, just the smell.
5. this is my favorite time of year.  Everything BIG happens to us in the fall months.  Sometimes scary.
6. so many good things have come from our falls they outweigh the scary.
7. I love the smell of the air it is a smell you can wrap your arms around and embrace.
8. I have started Christmas shopping or creating is a better word.
9. I am in love with my husband, he doesn't always know it but I am.  He is a man beyond any words.
10. He is love.
11. I create with no plan.  I maybe need a plan.  Plan might be good. I never let color hold on to tight.
12. I walk along the edge of life these days grateful.  For my legs move forward, without much hesitation.
13. I know things, many days it is this pile messy information, without purpose.
14. I know that today I am grateful, for every breath, every smell, every crazy random moment.
15.  I know life is once and it is short, it is to be lived.  Lived how you choose, you choose life.
16.  I know you choose your life, the path will lead you past many bends, but they are yours.  No other...
17.  I know to live the life you are given...